Accessing the Data Directly

While the XanesFrameset class has methods for common tasks, sometimes it is necessary to access the data directly, as either numpy arrays or h5py datasets. The xanes_frameset has a store() method that returns an interface (TXMStore) to the underlying HDF5 file.


The TXMStore created by is attached to an open HDF5 file. It is strongly recommended to use the with statement described below. Otherwise make sure to call the store’s close() method in a try...except block. File corruption is likely if not opened in this manner.

Call the following to get access to the associated datasets. Properties of the interface will return an HDF5 dataset in most cases.:

import xanespy as xp
frameset = xp.XanesFrameset(...)

# Open the TXMStore interface
with as store:
    # For example, the images are in (timestep, energy, row, column) order
    assert store.absorbances.shape == (10, 62, 1024, 1024)
    # Energies are in (timestep, energy) order
    assert store.energies.shape == (10, 62)